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Retail needs a reframe.

Throughout history, the retail industry has been defined by disruption and crises in the external environment.  Whenever the external environment changes it presents opportunities for the adaptable and threats for those who cannot or will not change.  These disruptions mean the retail industry needs to be constantly reframed to be more relevant to its customers, and it will be the retailer who can innovate and reframe who wins.   Reframing does not mean throwing away traditional retail fundamentals – it means adding new capabilities that respond to the changing environment. What we have seen, is that knowing ‘what’ is happening in the retail environment is much less important than knowing ‘how’ to change.  Acquiring the organisational capacity to change is by far the most important challenge facing the industry and it is leading to lack-luster innovation outcomes and brands failing to achieve growth. Those retailers who have it are thriving, while those that do not are failing.The retail industry’s natural ability to execute process, built over centuries, gives them everything they need to be effective innovators.  We release and elevate that innovation capability.

A bit about us.

We are all about driving fast, highly effective change in retail. We inspire innovation in retail teams through our training and engagement programs.  We embed innovation culture, practices, processes, and measurement in retailers with our ReFRAME process.  We guide innovation projects to success through our broad skilled team of experts.  We also work with retail partners, helping them implement innovation work with their clients.

Why we are different

We work with retailers and retail partners to make innovation happen.  There are many options for the ‘what’, we are the ‘how’ of retail innovation.  We build innovation cultures, we embed innovation as a process, and we support delivering innovation projects into retail.

Why we were founded

We were founded by two retailers who were growing frustrated with the ongoing negative narrative around the industry.  It is an incredible industry that isn’t dying (it’s growing), online isn’t killing it (it’s growing it) and those that set up innovation as a process, thrive.  They know it works because they have done it multiple times during their more than 60 combined years in retail.

Why we are effective

We are built for retail. Every inch of what we do is expertly researched, with the best of innovative retailers or innovation processes crafted together to form a proven process that has been designed to work in retail environments and for retail’s unique requirements.

We wrote the book on it

Retail Innovation Reframed

Many books have been written about the perceived threats facing the retail industry, as well as many more on what retail strategists think the future might be. We are writing  the  “how to” guide for retailers who want to implement innovation as a process and increase their ability to respond to the opportunities (and threats) of disruption. Deeply researched, this book was written for anyone working on implementing innovation in the retail industry.

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