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We are all about driving fast, highly effective change in retail. We inspire innovation in retail teams through our training and engagement programs. We embed innovation culture, practices, processes, and measurement in retailers with our ReFRAME process. We guide innovation projects to success through our broad skilled team of experts. We also work with retail partners, helping them implement innovation work with their clients. Make yourself at home on our site and explore what we do, or why not say hello to arrange an innovation dialogue.

Our menu of services

We work with retailers and retail partners of any size and build crafted programs to support your innovation agenda. We always start with an innovation dialogue to ensure we are all clear on the outcomes we want to achieve and how we will measure them.

Innovation Diagnostic & report card


For retailers.

We run a proven diagnostic on every step of our process in your organization and provide a report card to you with recommended actions to improve your innovation capability and outcomes.

For retail partners.

We use our diagnostic to identify expected project friction and create a plan of recommended actions to reduce the friction and therefore reduce the risk of project delay or unexpected cost.

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Innovation coaching for individuals and teams


For retailers.

Tailored coaching programs for leaders and teams that enables continuous improvement of innovation capability.

For retail partners.

Crafted capability programs to enable your teams to build stronger relationships and have a smoother, faster, and more successful implementation of your work.

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Implement innovation projects and processes


For retailers.

Work in innovation project teams to deliver significantly improved outcomes, or target opportunities uncovered from the innovation diagnostic to embed innovation capability into the fabric of your business.

For retail partners.

We partner together as one team and work on implementing specific programs of work with your clients.  We take care of ensuring the retailer is ready to support, transition and embed your product which reduces project waste, and delivers more projects to full deployment.

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Encourage innovation behaviours and habits


Innovation needs inspiration to drive action.  We support that with speaking, events, meeting facilitation, producing personalised content, and more to create powerful and inspiring nudges toward innovation behaviours and processes for your teams.

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Become an Uncommonist

We are on a mission to play our part in making innovation a natural capability for retailers. We have built a series of training courses to enable retailers to understand the elements of successful innovation in a retail business, as well as the capability to implement them themselves. Start with a quick innovation dialogue or attend one of our two-day innovation essentials courses that covers the ReFRAME process and key “how to” lessons on implementing them. Alternatively, we can custom prepare a masterclass for your key innovation team members. We adore teaching innovation and spreading the word, so reach out to us and enquire about our training courses and become an Uncommonist!

Quick Innovation Dialogues

Designed to fit a lot of helpful discussion into a short time frame, these sessions focus on understanding the state of innovation in your business and retail generally. We will provide you with a recommended next focus and direction to level up your innovation game.

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2-day Innovation essentials

This course is about the process of retail innovation. It is organised around the ReFRAME process of retail innovation featured in the book “Retail Innovation Reframed” by Gareth Jude and Andrew Smith. Students will learn the essentials of process driven retail innovation, why it is the most efficient and effective way of achieving change and how to successfully advocate for it.

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Custom Innovation Masterclasses

Designed using University standards, our full Innovation Masterclass courses will enable attendees to fully understand each stage of the ReFRAME innovation process and have guided hands-on practice on how to implement them in a retail business.

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No matter your innovation quest, say hello and let’s share stories of our adventures.

We work with retailers and providers big and small, and with individual leaders wanting to embark on an innovation quest. Start by simply saying hello.

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