Retail Innovation Reframed

Our book will show you how to grow and become resilient in the most disrupted retail environment in history. You will discover why retail needs to be reframed, why retailers have found this hard and how to turn retailer DNA, often regarded as an obstacle to innovation, into the rocket fuel for your innovation quest. The book provides all the tools, evidence, and information you need to weave innovation into the operating fabric of your business so that innovation becomes perpetual rather than episodic.

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Every innovation quest needs a map.
We have made one for yours.

Many books have been written about the threats facing the retail industry and what retail strategists should be thinking about, but this book is the ‘how to’ guide for retailers who want to reframe their business.


The ‘how to’ guide for innovation in retail.

We debunk retail myths

There are so many myths creating a negative narrative around retail, like it’s dying (it’s growing), or online is killing it (it’s growing it), technology is innovation (it isn’t but can be a facilitator), and innovation is risky (it’s more risky not to innovate). We debunk these and more and show why the narrative needs to change. Because innovation is the new safe place for retail.

We explain why retailers are primed for innovation

Innovation is hard in any organization; however, it is particularly hard for retailers because the industry encourages short term planning and values execution over strategy. These attributes are part of retailer DNA and are not normally associated with innovation. However, innovative ideas have no value without execution and retailers excel at execution. We show how to apply that skill to innovation as the secret sauce that will turn retailers from innovation laggards to innovation stars.

We provide the tools needed to embed it into your business

We did not want to create a book that simply reinforces that innovation is the safe place for retail, we wanted to help retailers get there.  We have explained every step of our process in detail and provided the tools, activities, and models needed to improve innovation outcomes in your business immediately.

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