The ReFRAME process TM

Our proven process is the outcome of broad and deep research. It brings together elements from the best retail innovators, the most effective innovation methodologies, and new exclusive models into a process specifically crafted for retail’s unique characteristics.

Why it works

Based on research into the innovation processes of the world’s leading retail innovators and our own experience in delivering effective innovation in retail.

Incorporates new thinking and the best of other innovation processes such as lean, agile, human-centered design, and behavioural economics.

It is specifically crafted for retail, not just another generic innovation process. It’s built to leverage the strengths of retailers.

What it delivers

Our process was designed for retail’s unique characteristics and needs. It is objective and measured to not only reduce risk but maximise outcomes, including:

  • Measure and Improve innovation Outcomes
  • Reduce cost of innovation
  • Increase pace of innovation and launch to market
  • Higher conversion from idea to deployment
  • Increase size of innovation pipeline

With the ReFRAME process, you get more ideas tested, better ideas deployed, a faster and lower cost pace of innovation-driven change, and significantly better outcomes. Explore the process below, then say hello to see it could work for you.

Our Process

Every quest needs a map, and we have crafted it for retail innovation. Our ReFRAME process will show you how to build the launchpad for your quest, how to find the most sustainable innovation ideas in which to invest your resources, how to get ready to take your initiatives to market, the right way to analyse and test, how to design for scale, and how to embedded innovation as your new normal.

No matter your innovation quest, say hello and let’s share stories of our adventures.

We work with retailers and providers big and small, and with individual leaders wanting to embark on an innovation quest. Start by simply saying hello.

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